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Poslogic Inventory Management in the Cloud

To keep track of your stocks, Poslogic Stock Management is the simplest stock management program in the Cloud.


Enter the articles in a very simple way.
At suppliers you enter the suppliers.
The articles are thus linked to a supplier in the system.
Once entered articles are neatly displayed in a overview .
Increasing stock is done with 1 push of a button.
When an article is removed from stock, decreases the stock with 1 push of the button .
Clear overviews to image and printer gives a perfect insight into the current stock situation.
By means of the creation of lists there is a possibility to create various lists such as;

  • Articles as Product List.
  • Orders by creating an order list.
  • Generate your own price lists by adding items to this list.

Properties of Poslogic Inventory Management:

  • Insight into stock positions.
  • Price list.
  • Order list.
  • Product List.
  • On screen a clear overview.
  • Lists can be printed on a printer.
  • Clear overview of suppliers.
  • Automatic placement of items to be ordered on a list.


  • Poslogic Inventory management is very easy to use .
  • Provides clarity in stock.
  • Inventory management has never been this simple .
  • Works on all platforms such as Windows, Apple, Linux and Android.
  • Always “up to date” with the latest updates and newest features.
  • Automatic backups.
  • No local installation.
  • Works on Computer, Tablet and Phone .
  • Monthly low fees.
  • Theft insensitive. Everything is in the Cloud .
  • Fully supported by a maintenance subscription.

We can tell you a lot more about this program, but seeing is believing. See for yourself!
The first 30 days FREE thereafter from € 6.00 Excl. VAT per user per month.

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